Show hidden files and folder in USB by virus

Show hidden files and folder in USB by virus

30 Tháng Mười, 2017 0 By N. Duy Ái

Sometimes, open your USB and you can’t see anything in it: No files, no folders. althrought capacity in your USB is no changing. This post will tutorials the way to show hidden files and folder or data on USB by virus by Bkav’s tools easilly and simple.

1. First, download this tool: 

Bkav File Attributes


This is a tool by Bkav – a corporation specializing in network security.

Download and extract it.

2. Run file FixAttrb.exe

– Select Chọn thư mục

– Browse to the specified path or USB then click OK.

– Click Hiện các file ẩn and press .

– Press Đồng ý to finish.

Congratulation! Now reopen your USB to check it.

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